London Energy Saving Squad LTD (LESS), our objective is to provide and promote energy sustainability and efficiency within homes, by giving local resident’s advice, education and support on a wide range of issues related to energy usage and carbon footprint. We organise different events, implement training workshops in ESOL, computer literacy classes, employability, etc to further educate and train the community as technology advances. We believe that by empowering, collaborating and delivering information, we will meet the diverse needs of the local communities in which we serve. We will be delivering significant value to the residents’ which will create long-term benefits within the community. We are committed to helping and supporting vulnerable residents with disabilities, long-term health conditions, the elderly and families on low income - as they often spend more on their energy bills, are in debt or going through bereavement.


Evaluation framework:

* Reducing fuel poverty

* Reducing winter deaths

* Saving money!

* Increasing knowledge and gaining a healthier quality of life

* Positive social impact within communities

We also identified other key areas that are paramount to us all:

* Health and wellbeing

* Employment and income

* Digital poverty

* English is a second language