• Offer energy saving measures according to individual requirements so there is no choice between “Heat or Eat”.
  • Working in partnership with other local services to help residents improve their quality of life.
  • Helping residents save money through bill switching.
  • Promoting energy awareness and therefore, contributing to the protection of the environment through the reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Improve residents living conditions through education on damp, mould, condensation issues and correct use of heating controls.
  • We accommodate residents by providing flexibility in offering out of hour’s services to accomplish our goals.
  • Incorporating case studies to illustrate benefits and savings of our project.
  • Train local residents as volunteers.
  • Offer workshops 
  • Funday Events : Leaseholder / Homeowners event, Sustainability, Hidden River Festival, Winter Warmer and many more 
  • EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates) : Currently for Hackney and Tower Hamlets resident's only - London

Upcoming workshops:


* Money Management and Budgeting

* Basic Digital Skills 

* Bill Switching (residents with no internet access) 

* Employability 

* Business Start-up Mentoring Programme (ONLINE) 

* Sustainability Events: WINTER WARMER at St John's Church, Hackney E5 0PD on Thursday 7th December 2023 from 11am.

If you would like to attend the workshops or volunteer and like gain valuable experience, please contact us.